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1 conformity to reality or actuality; "they debated the truth of the proposition"; "the situation brought home to us the blunt truth of the military threat"; "he was famous for the truth of his portraits"; "he turned to religion in his search for eternal verities" [syn: truth, the true] [ant: falsity]
2 an enduring or necessary ethical or religious or aesthetic truth

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verity (plural verities)
  1. truth, fact or reality, especially an enduring religious or ethical truth


  • 1602 : William Shakespeare, Hamlet , act V scene 2
    [...] but in the verity of extolment
    I take him to be a soul of great article and his infusion
    of such dearth and rareness as, to make true diction of
    him, his semblable in his mirror, and who else would
    trace him, his umbrage, nothing more.

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Verity is a very common name.
Verity can refer to:


verity mansonVerity is also a surname or given name that is especially associated with parts of Yorkshire and the North of England. The name Verity may refer to:

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absolute credibility, actuality, credibility, eternal verities, fact, good sooth, gospel, historical truth, historicity, reality, sooth, the true, trueness, truism, truth, truth-loving, truth-speaking, truth-telling, truthfulness, ultimate truth, unerroneousness, unfallaciousness, unfalseness, veraciousness, veracity, veridicality, very truth
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